Outback is located in Northern Netherlands and we are specialized in the development and production of pickup outlet Units since 2020. Outback has developed a number of standard models, but in addition we also provide customization.

Together with the customer we plan one or more workshops to come to a good inventory of the wishes and requirements. We look at functionality and technical feasibility of the ideas. Then we work out drawings, digital sketches and renders that give an immediate idea of what the cabin will look like inside and out.

We already have several standard color choices and options in our catalog that we can offer. But thanks to our years of experience in design and engineering, Outback is able to go further in customizing your drop-off unit. Taking into account weight, space, light and safety, we can provide customizations such as cabin layout, sleeping direction (length or width), additional functionality, additional service hatches, cabin dimensions, additional windows and modifications in battery packs or other technical equipment. Before our cabins are delivered to the customer, everything is extensively tested for functionality, technology and safety.

We work with a team of engineers that enables us to deliver high quality. Our disposal units are of premium level, thanks to clever engineering and working with full-fledged materials. The design of our units takes into account aspects such as weight, layout, durability, insulation value and safety.

Moreover, our disposal units or cabins are highly distinctive in their design, with interior and exterior in their own style and appearance. We offer a unique color scheme, modern and tough design both the cabin itself, but also the interior gives the pickup driver an adventurous and luxurious experience.

Craftsmen & Clever Engineering