The Outback Cruzer RV® motorhome drop-off unit is the perfect combination of adventure and luxury. Through clever engineering, the Cruzer RV® is one of a kind. This detachable RV unit includes shower room, fixed toilet and a 2.00 by 1.60 bed!  A complete detachable unit that at only 725 KG can still be called a lightweight.  A unique and contemporary design with attention to aesthetics and appearance. Tasteful and top quality.

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Adventure and luxury whenever and wherever you want it

Get out in nature with family or friends. Are you looking for an outdoor experience and are you looking for adventure to also go off road? Do you want to camp back to basics, but with the necessary luxury? Step into the adventure with a 4×4 pickup truck combined with a detachable camper unit. The ultimate dream to take a different approach to camping. Adventurous and tough.

We specialize in designing and building detachable camper units for European, Asian and USA 4×4 pickup trucks. You own a comfortable pickup truck and this is exactly how you want to camp. In style and fully equipped.

From our Experience Center during a workshop together with you we put together the ultimate camper unit. Quality, innovation, durability and functionality are central to this.


The Outback Cruzer RV® motorhome drop-off unit is the perfect combination of adventure and luxury. Contemporary design and clever engineering make the Cruzer RV® one of a kind. At 725 KG a lightweight when you consider the complete configuration. A detachable RV unit with attention to aesthetics and appearance. Tasteful and top quality.

Standard specifications of the Cruzer RV:

  • Dimensions: H 2.18 mtr / W 2.03 mtr / L 4.30 mtr
  • Weight: 725 Kg
  • Sleeping area 1.60 x 2.00 area
  • Fresh water 90 Liter and waste water tank 40 Liter
  • 2-burner gas cooking facility and extra worktop space in kitchen
  • Truma Combi heating/boiler system for heating and hot water
  • Votronics battery and electronics
  • Digital Multi Display for all technical controls
  • Spacious, separate shower room with hot water supply
  • Fixed Thetford toilet with separate 20 liter waste tank and 15 liter fresh water flush tank

To learn more, download the brochure or make an appointment with us.


Working on the Outback Cruzer RV® are the best craftsmen and engineers. This is reflected in the bodywork. It is strong and ultra-light; the Cruzer RV® weighs only 725 kilograms.

This brings many advantages: it is easier to stay under the maximum allowable mass of 3,500 kilograms with your pickup camper. In addition, you have lower fuel consumption, more driving comfort and the ability to take more with you. Thanks to continuous clever engineering, the layout and equipment are designed down to the last detail.

Contemporary and unique design. High quality materials.

We offer several options in material and color choices. You can choose from various combinations of the walls, floor, cabinetry and upholstery you desire.

  • Interior walls standard with poplar (ply)wood
  • Various standard colors for cabinet fronts, cabinets birch-plex appearance
  • Floor fitted with PVC as standard in various color schemes
  • Shower & toilet facilities in enclosed space
  • Kitchen area with additional fold-out worktop, standard 2 gas burners, faucet, sink and refrigerator/freezer
  • Various cupboards and alcoves
  • Sitting area 4 persons with 2 bench seats facing each other with folding table for conversion to a 3rd berth
  • Sleeping area 2 persons with various storage spaces
  • Various lighting and wall sockets and USB connections

In addition to the standard configuration, we can provide various options or even create a custom design with you. For more information, make an appointment and visit us.


Outback has chosen to use high-quality materials. One example is the GPR sandwich panel material, which has a very high insulation value. The finish of the sturdy, dark profiles gives your cabin an adventurous and tough look. A real eye-catcher!

  • Body: sandwich panels high quality gelcoat (GRP) on the outside and 30 mm high quality insulation foam
  • High quality coating for various body colorsVarious multifunctional airline rail system integrated in rear, roof and side walls
  • Tilt roof window & Tilt windows in side walls and door equipped with mosquito nets
  • Removable and adjustable lifting legs
  • Various service hatches

For more details on the possible options in colors and exterior applications, please contact us for an appointment.


Safety & Convenience

Our drop-off camper units are equipped with the best materials and professional construction. We guarantee optimal safety and easy removal and set-up of the camper unit.


Simple smart    DESIGn



You are looking for camping equipment that is top of the bill; robustly equipped, with an aesthetic exterior, full of smart design and comfort. At the Outback Experience Center, our specialists will be happy to advise you on your purchase and the trip you want to take.

You can experience the special design of Outback Cabins at your leisure thanks to the spacious layout in our showroom.

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