You’ve chosen a comfortable pickup, and that’s exactly how you want to camp. In style and fully equipped. At Outback, we understand that like no other. That’s why we developed the Outback Cabin. This camper-off unit is hyper-light, every component features clever engineering, and the design uniquely combines aesthetics and functionality.

The best craftsmen and engineers work on the Outback Cabin. This is reflected in the bodywork. It is strong and hyper-light; the entire Cabin weighs only 700 kilos. This brings with it many advantages: it is easier to stay under the maximum allowable mass of 3500 kilos with your pickup, you also have lower fuel consumption, more driving comfort and the ability to take more with you. The layout and interior are also done to perfection.

The fabrics are all of high quality, the sleeping area is spacious and efficiently set up and everything can take a beating. There are also many clever features in the Cabin, and you put your luggage directly into the removable box and snap it back on when you leave. That’s the luxury of the Outback Cabin.

In addition to the Cabin, we also offer rooftop tents from five top brands. A rooftop tent offers flexibility; you choose where, with whom and with which car you travel. There is a roof tent for every kind of trip. At Outback, we take the time to set up your ideal camping vacation with roof tent and accessories.

Experience Freedom & Adventure

You want to camp in style and get specialist advice when buying your camping equipment. We understand that. Come to the Outback Experience Center, look around freely and discover our cabins, rooftop tents and accessories.

Kom je langs?

Any kind of trip you can take on with Outback. Enjoying Lake Garda or going off road in Sweden for a few days: we make it possible.

The Outback Cabin features solar panels, a large water tank, additional gas tanks, heating, a shower and toilet. The pickup unit is also insulated against extreme cold and in high temperatures you easily ventilate the unit. So you can leave the inhabited world without any problems.

Want to set up sheltered with a rooftop tent? No problem. Our rooftop tents are luxurious and easy to set up. So you’ll go on vacation easily, carefree. Wherever the adventure leads.